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Examples of Exposures and Integrations in Film and TV




















Pictures on this page show just a few examples of many exposures and integrations Motion Picture Magic has achieved in film and television.

"Last Chance Harvey"

Please Click on the Picture Above to see photos and details about the use of our client's TV commercial in the film.

"Race To Witch Mountain"

Please Click on the Picture Above to see all photos and details of this integration for our client, Nationwide Insurance.

"Hannah Montana; The Movie" - Walt Disney Pictures

Street Surfing - The Wave graphics were put onto two board ramps by the studio for a key scene in this film. Motion Picture Magic handled coordination, artwork and field marketing logistics with the studio.

"Hurricane Season" -  the Weinstein Company - Coming Soon

Featured hands-on use of Spalding Basketballs by lead characters throughout the film.

"Chasing a Dream"

Please Click on the Picture Above to see photos and details about the use of several of our client's banners in the film.

"Until Death"

Please Click on the Picture Above to see photos and details about the use of several of our client's banners in the film.

"Fast Girl"

Please Click on the Picture Above to see photos and details about the use of several of our client's banners in the film.

"The House of Spiritual" aka The Business of Helping People

One of the main titles at the beginning of the film begins with a close-up of a brand name Kit-Cat Clock with moving eyes that filled half the screen before the film title appeared on the other half of the screen.  The clock was also used within the film.

"Hurricane Season" the Weinstein Company - Coming Soon

Motion Picture Magic secured exclusivity for Russell Athletic for all basketball teams practice and game uniforms and undergarments in the film; custom uniforms created for the State Champions team (Panthers); a majority of the warm-up suits and shooting shirts for the ten basketball teams; plus coaches outfits, and other assorted clothing and

caps for lead character use throughout the film.

"Easy Money" -  a CW Television Series

A Street Surfing Television Commercial was provided by Motion Picture Magic to the studio for a scene where the lead character watched TV.  Audio from this commercial was the only thing heard during a most of the scene including company/brand name verbal mention along with features of Street Surfing's The Wave board.  Video was also clearly seen.

"The Winning Season"

Spalding basketballs are used by leads throughout the film including varsity basketball players and coaches.  In the story, the coach also required the

new players to carry a basketball with them at all times.

"Tooth Fairy" -  a 20th Century Fox

Watch for Nationwide Insurance signage on the scoreboard, multiple dasher boards and on in-ice floor signage in the film.

"The Spy Next Door" MGM Films  -  Coming Soon

Look for hands-on use of OxiClean in a scene where the mother (Amber Valletta) is in the laundry room and takes a 42oz bottle of OxiClean Stain Fighter to use within the film.

"I Hate My 30's" -  a VH1 Television Series

Sunbelt Granola Cereals and Snacks received good exposure in multiple episodes of this light-hearted comedy series.

"My Super Ex-Girlfriend" - 20th Century Fox

Nationwide taxi cab signage was created for a key scene of the film.  Coordination and artwork was provided by Motion Picture Magic to the studio.

"The King Of Queens" -  a CBS Television Series

Rice-A-Roni in the storyline:  Jerry Stiller made several verbal mentions about Rice-A-Roni in his quest to receive his lifetime supply from an appearance on a game show. Photo above is from the final scene.

"I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry"

 Universal Pictures

Adam Sandler and Kevin James use Two Men And A Truck moving boxes throughout the film (also seen on set).

"Blades of Glory" -  Paramount Pictures

Nationwide Insurance was the implied primary sponsor of the nationals skating competition with branded banner signage behind the judges and throughout the rink during the competition

"Cheaper By The Dozen 2" -  20th Century Fox

 Tom Welling holds a Classic Sport Volleyball

"Fireflies in the Garden" - Senator Entertainment

 Julia Roberts using a JanSport backpack.

"Dukes of Hazard" -  Warner Bros. 

 Gumout signage at the police station garage.

"War of the Worlds" -  Paramount Pictures

 Tom Cruise holding a Pennzoil Motor Oil box.

"Because I Said So" -  Universal Pictures

Gabriel Macht presents a can of Static Guard Spray to Mandy Moore as part of a cute storyline where Mandy had a static cling problem.

"Our Very Own" -  Miramax Films

An end-aisle display features Little Debbie snack cake and cookie products in a scene where Allison Janney talks with a friend, then later puts a box of Little Debbie cookies in her shopping cart.





"Madagascar" -  DreamWorks  (PICTURE BELOW)

In this animated feature film, billboards in the Times Square scene were created electronically using client-approved artwork.