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3611 W. Pacific Avenue,  Burbank, CA 91505                                   for review and breakdown.

Phone: 818-953-7494

Fax:     818-953-7113

General Inquiries:



Key Contacts:

Mark Mills, President

Mark is also the initial point of contact for new client inquiries and feature film projects.

Phone Ext.: 403 (after hours)

E-Mail:  MarkMills.MPM@sbcglobal.net


Tony Wilson, Vice President

Tony is responsible for all marketing/strategic activities of the company as they relate to client objectives; studio relations; and Motion Picture Magic itself.  He is the initial point of contact for requests for sponsorships or fee-based integrations.

Tony Wilson is also the Acting Manager of Asia/Pacific Client and Studio Services.

Phone Ext.: 401 (after hours)

E-Mail:  TonyWilson.MPM@sbcglobal.net


Patrick Semels, Logistics Coordinator

Patrick maintains warehouse, inventory, tracking and production-related databases. He is also responsible for all aspects of the warehouse including inventory and logistics associated with restocking, as well as shipments and pickups for studio productions.  Patrick teams with upper management in researching statistics for, and preparation of reports for our Clients.

Phone Ext.: 402 (after hours)

E-Mail:  Patrick.MPM@sbcglobal.net


Steve Obando, Operations Manager

Steve can also be contacted for assistance by productions for television specials, pilots & TV series.

Phone Ext.: 408 (after hours)

E-Mail:  Steve.MPM@sbcglobal.net


Tony Paul, Manager of European Client and Studio Services

Phone Ext.: 405 (after hours)

E-Mail:  TonyPaul.MPM@sbcglobal.net

Mr. Paul has resources within his department and at our satellite offices that communicate in other languages.


Other Staff  (Not Listed Above)

If you are working with, or would like to contact in-house or field staff who are not listed above, simply call our main phone number at 818-953-7494 and ask for the person by name.